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'And your stairway - Reaches up to the moon - And it comes right back - It comes right back to you'

'Vanløse' Pronounced Right

Vanlose is spelled with an ø in danish - we have three of those tricky extra characters æ ø and å

pronounced rightVanløse born Per Jakobsen has a nice destinctive pronounciation: Vanløse

wrongVan himself isn't always sure he's getting it right: 'Vanløse ...or somnthn like that'

a child of 2but really a child of 2 could say Vanløse

slobberI seem to pronounce it with an unnecessary slobber

what ?!!Now if you think you're ready to pronounce the hardest of danish sounds, here's the test. - Say after me 'red porridge with cream'1), and in Vanløsees 'rødgrød med fløde på'

1) a national dish in summer: rubarb or strawberries cooked to a porridge served with cream

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