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'And your stairway - Reaches up to the moon - And it comes right back - It comes right back to you'
Van in Cement ...Under the Bridge

Van appeared for the annual 'Rock Under The Bridge' concert at Middelfart, Denmark in 1996 - and like the other artists he left his handprint and autograph in cement.

 Van in cement in Middelfart

The slab of cement is now found outside the EA Hardwarestore on Mainstreet:

 EA Hardwarestore on Main Street 'Rock Under The Bridge' is a benefit concert for the local boys' soccer team, and it attracts a surprisingly large number of international rockstars. It's played on a field under the bridge connecting the island of Fyn to the Danish mainland Jutland - also see 'Jute'
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Rock Under The Bridge

The 2000 Rock Under The Bridge at Middelfart, Denmark

photographed by: Peter Mondrup

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