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'And your stairway - Reaches up to the moon - And it comes right back - It comes right back to you'
Vanlose Fallacies
  1. I sometimes hear announcers, journalists and fans say 'Van was married to Ulla' - I don't believe it; never saw any proof... These people will often continue to ask, 'Whatever happened to the baby?', and I start to feel I should be getting a life of my own  =:)


  2. I regularly hear people say 'the stairway is that of one of the nearby subwaystations' [e.g. Copenhagen weekly The Copenhagen Post Oct. 29th '99] Valbylanggade subwaystation ...which isn't the stairway either ...luckily Van recently explained otherwise - quoting Steve from the Van-l mailinglist:
    ...a comment to the effect that "I wrote this when I was living in a suburb of Copenhagen, in a big block of flats with no lift - absolutely nothing mystical about it whatsoever."
    Steve further tells me, that 
    when Van said 'It was a 20 flight rock', he was quoting Gene Vincent's 1959 hit Twenty Flight Rock, about a lad who climbed 20 flights to his sweetheart, but was then too tired to pop rock.

    and Linda B:

    "This is a song I wrote when I was living in Copenhagen, and it was in an area called ...can't pronounce it but 'van-lo-say' or something like that. Anyway, absolutely nothing mystical about it. It was a block of flats!"

    - VM, speaking somewhat incredulously at Bristol, 12.20.99

    Linda rightly goes on to comment:
    IMNSHO, all this analysis is an exercise in futility; these songs will never mean the same thing to everyone. Our individual interpretations are part of what makes music an art form. As with any work of art, we take from the music that which we need or desire most at the moment... just as the composer expressed what he needed or desired to most at the moment the song was born. His intent and our interpretations are as unpredictable and variable as a nor'easter, blowing snow in all directions, or sometimes, like me, just alot of hot air... blah, blah, blah...



    [NVC: Paul McCartney in his '99 webcast performance from 'The (new) Cavern' in Liverpool, related that the day he met John Lennon, there was one song that he knew the words to, and so he was allowed in the band - that was 'Twenty Flight Rock']
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