Kręsjan The Cannibal - best eats in Cpenhagen in the 60'ies

Christian Schou

I was born in '58 - stayed at home with my mom for 3 years in Vangede a Copenhagen suburb. Then we moved to Hellerup, and I started kindergarden.

In the 60'ies I went to the University of Copenhagen to have dinner at 'The Cannibal' with my dad, when my mom wasn't at home to cook for us.

Trinity College, Hartford, CNLater I went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. When the admissions office told the price of tuition there, I cut 4 years off my academic training and went straight to the canteen to spend my money on lunch ...this might be very typical of my education and relation to food:

Mad Magazine and 10 'studenterbrød' [a heavy cake made from whatever the baker can't sell] at a time, may well be what has shaped me most in this life ...apart from my dad, Art Reade, Jorge Santana, Ruben & the Jets, Jack Bonus, Dagmar in Iowa...

Dagmar introduced me to Cargo culture and bandanas

...Van Morrison, Damon Runyon, Marx Brothers, DSB Cinema and ...Ida, Signe, Agnes, my mom, my beloved family and friends.



...and all that in danish